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AUD 210 Week 6 blog post

Tonight we went into the Neve and recorded our drums for our project.

The session was from 4-8 and we all got there on time.

We set up the drum kit, miked it all up and got ready to record within the first hour.

The next two hours were spent recording the drums for our project.

In the last hour we reviewed our recordings and saved everything and exported the samples we needed and saved them to our own usbs and hard-drives.

Next week we have the EMP studio on wednesday and the Neve on Friday where we will be editing and writing the other elements of the track!

Bounce to This!

Hey everyone,
So once a month I gather tracks together to put into a mix which i call
“Bounce to This!” which is my monthly podcast!

To check it out:
the blog is here: https://bouncetothisblog.wordpress.com/
my mixcloud with all my mixes are here: https://www.mixcloud.com/b3r4d/
and you can subscribe on itunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/bounce-to-this!-presented/id1060473813?mt=2

if you check it out thanks and i hope you enjoy!