CIU 110 Reflective Journal Week 6

So after 6 weeks of starting the bachelor of audio in sydney i have learnt more about recording though a analogue setup and using acoustic instruments in electronic productions then i have previously done in my previous diploma of electronic music production.

it has been good and learning about the analogue systems has opened my mind up to different ways of making music 🙂

In the studio last week, for AUD210 studio class we had to replicate last weeks lecture and record a piano track into protools.

Our challenge was to record the piano in a Mid-side position and decode the ms signal on the mixing desk and send that sound into protools into one stereo track.

After we had a few minutes trying to work it out, with assistance from our lecturer we figured out what we had to patch on the patch-bay and the phasing and panning of the channels and got a nice mid side sound to the recording.

For our assessment my group and i went into the Neve studio and recorded our drum takes for our track.

The session was from 4-8 and once we got there we started to setup the drums and mic them up which took up approximately an hour.

The next two hours were spent recording the drums for our project.

In the last hour we reviewed our recordings and saved everything and exported the samples we needed and saved them to our own usbs and hard-drives.

This was a great experience as it was our own work and we were on our own to record in the studio which was fun and different.

In terms of the essay, i am saying why Hardwell is my inspiration to make music and succeed in the industry.

This video is a Q&A on his studio and includes a track that has inspired me for a while called spaceman!

(Hardwell, 2012)

(Hardwell, 2012)

Hardwell,. (2012). Hardwell Q&A Episode #3 – The Hardwell Studio Part 1. Retrieved from

Hardwell,. (2012). Hardwell ft. Mitch Crown – Call Me A Spaceman (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO). Retrieved from


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