CIU110.1 Reflective Journal Week 4

Tell us what your essay subject will be, discuss how general or focused you think your subject is:

My essay will be on a DJ/Producer/Label Owner by the name of Hardwell and will focus on why he has inspired me to pursue my career in Music Production and live performance in DJing.
(“Hardwell”, n.d.)

Tell us what your thesis statement for your essay is, or at least show us that you are thinking about what your thesis could be – remember, if you are thinking in terms of questions your thesis statement is an answer to the question:

Hardwell is a DJ and a Music Producer who has proved to the world that you can do anything in your life if you work hard and have a strong passion for it, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

(Hardwell, 2013)

(Hardwell, 2015)

Tell us the four terms that you are thinking of researching for your glossary assessment:

1. Style

2. Effects

3. Djing/Performance

(Hardwell, 2015)

4. Motivation/Inspiration

Discuss how you are researching the terms:

Using previous knowledge of Audio Production, I have a fair understanding of what each term is and how they relate to the subject of my essay.

Using google to search for more in-depth answers to questions relatable to the subject will help me understand the context of the terms allot better.

This week in AUD210 we learnt more about different ways to mic up instruments and in the studio class we were told to repeat last weeks studio lesson of recording drums and mixing them without the help of Brani.

We all allocated each other different jobs (setting up mics, audio engineering, operating the neve 75, pro tools operator) and had to record a drum session and mix the drum session into protools.

This was a great experience as it was all our own work and had minimal help from Brani which got us feeling confident in which mics we choose, positions of the mics, gain structure of the console and the mixing of the recording.


Hardwell. DJ Hardwell. Retrieved 14 March 2016, from

Hardwell,. (2013). I AM HARDWELL – The Documentary Trailer. Retrieved from

Hardwell,. (2015). I Am Hardwell – Living The Dream [Official Trailer] OUT NOW!. Retrieved from

Hardwell,. (2015). Hardwell – LIVE @ Ultra Music Festival (2015). Retrieved from


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