AUD 210 week 4 blog post

Deciding to go for a Neurofunk DnB track was something that I have never done before but watching Alan do some sound design for the Neurofunk sound was cool and very interesting.

Before this project I was never really into DnB but hearing a few tracks that Alan showed me and going out and finding a few DnB DJs/Producers like Spore really gave me an idea of what Neruofunk DnB is all about and how cool it sounds.

To me, DnB sounds very high tempo and very distorted sound design kinda like Dubstep.

This track by Spore – The Whole Where Your House Was, is such a cool track and is very energetic and great to listen to.

3 main parts

very melodic, soft beat

distorted sounds, distorted uplifters, pitched vocal uplift,

distorted sounds, hard drum breaks, booming bass


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