CIU week 3 blog

In the last week doing Audio at SAE i have learnt the process of miking up drums and recording them through the Neve 75 Studio into Protools for our trimester 3 group project.

Note: Before doing the Bachelor of Audio, i did the Diploma of Sound Production (Electronic Music Production) and never used a analog console. (I have mostly produced in the box(Laptop))

For our project we have to record a drum performance to incorporate into our audio track project that we are being assessed on.

Before the studio class, we learnt a bit about miking positions and different drums and in order to learn the concept of what drums you use and positions you mic a drum kit up can effect the sound of the recording.

The following video was played and is from a guy named Krish Sharma who is a highly regarded producer and engineer who has worked with many big bands in the industry.

As a music producer, mix engineer, knowing how to mic up and record not only drums but also many other instruments is essential to getting work in the industry whether it be a sole producer or a producer/engineer for a band.

For me a lot of producers have inspired me to make music but for the essay in this class i have thought to talk about one Music producer and label owner Robbert van de Corput, otherwise known by his stage name Hardwell.
His upbeat, electro and progressive house and his attitude towards the scene was one thing that really inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing and become big in the industry.
For him he has also achieved a lot and has worked hard most of his life from his teenage years to be where is he now. In just 3 years from 2011-2013 he became ranked #1 dj in the world and held that position for 2 years straight and has produced many big records for his label Revealed Recordings like Spaceman, Apollo, Encoded, Kontiki, Zero 76 and many other big top charting tracks in the progressive house genre. In his documentary I am Hardwell, the main focus is If you can dream it, you can do it, and he certainly portrays that saying and its somewhat that inspires me to be the best i can be!

For me to do this course, make the music i love, learn a heap and hopefully walk out of here knowing that if i can dream, it i can do it and follow in the footsteps of the producers i look upto then that would be a dream come true, and like everything hard work and dedication really does pay off!

I am Hardwell Documentary:


Introduction & Recording the Drums (Studio Secrets with Krish Sharma). (2010).

I AM Hardwell. (2013).

I AM Hardwell Trailer. (2013).


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