DOS210.4 Pre Mix Planning

For this assessment, I have made a original track in the genre of Melbourne Bounce that I am going to mix.

The genre of Melbourne Bounce relies on mix techniques like Side-Chain Compression,EQing of the High and Sub offbeat bass, bandpass and formant filters on the synth leads and also dirty distorted saw waves.

This is some techniques that i haven’t used in the other mixes but have done in my own tracks.

Problems of the Mix

  • As I’m doing it myself, i will need a reference track to hear the mix compared to a commercial mix

OH&S of Home Studio

Im pretty careful when I’m working in my home studio space but in every situation theres always risks!

Potential Risks:

  • Electrocution – Cables managed properly, no daisy chaining power boards
  • Spillage – no liquid allowed near studio equipment
  • Sit properly on studio chair
  • Wear enclosed shoes
  • Loudness






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