Post Mix Review

So after session 4 and getting the levels right preventing clipping and so fourth, I exported the mix to .WAV 48000hz sample rate and 24bit rate file format.

After listening to the final mixdown, I could tell the mix was well rounded and satisfying, it reminded me of the intro credit audio from the show ‘The 100’ whch was nice to know it had reminded me of a professional mix.

In the final mix, leveling the individual channels to prevent clipping was the main technique we used to complete the mix.

My contributons to the final mix were in my critical listening skills to identify areas of the track that needed to be brought out or turned down.

For the final mix Josh and I met up at my house to do the mix.
We both had our views on the final mix and what needed to be turned up or down, but in the final mix i think we found what was right and what sounded good.

Clipping was a problem in the final mix but after adjusting the levels this problem was resolved.

Critical listening skills i would like to work and improve on would be identifying the key of a track, better understanding of frequencies in the track and comparing audio with and without effects and have a better knowledge of what certain effects do and soundlike.




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